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    H: 36cm (14.17in)
    W: 141cm (55.51in)
    D: 3cm (1.18in)
    Period: 1920s/'30s

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    This hand painted section of wooden board signage (I'd hazard a guess at originally being for Wireless Radio) boasts some fantastically graphic typography and beautiful ageing. 

    Although there are few clues as to the history of this piece the style helps to roughly date it to the 1920s/'30s and it's possibly French or American. It's most likely a smaller section of a once larger piece but displays very well in it's own right. The board has been neatly mounted in a later, simple, custom iron framework. The colours have faded nicely and there's just the right level of surface discolouration. 

    The pieces measures 1.41m wide x 36cm high and is 3cm deep. There are no mounting points to the iron frame; the piece can either be sat on a surface or hung with reasonable security by slotting it over two screws placed in-between the upper gap of the board and the frame.