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I’m Louis Walpole; just over a decade of working for and alongside some of the best antique dealers in the country at London’s renowned Portobello Road have helped to form a detailed understanding of and appreciation for a diverse array of antiques.

In 2016, after ‘dabbling’ in the trade since childhood I decided to follow my heart and (ignoring a myriad of people advising against it) leave my salaried job to trade full time. Since then I have travelled around England and Western Europe collecting the pieces that particularly interest me.

These pieces loosely follow the themes of; automotive, advertising, scientific and industrial, they can be seen on here under 'Current Stock'.

Although a dealer rather than a collector, my hairs still raise and pulse quickens when I spot a piece I’ve read about but not owned. I generally aim my stock at a decorative market, but fully appreciate the collectors appeal to a lot of the enamel signs and automotive pieces.


As such, if there is a particular sign, oil can or other related piece that you’re after please get in touch and I will be very happy to keep you and your collection in mind whilst I’m out hunting.

Although a photo says a thousand words and I always try to make my product photography as detailed and accurate as possible I appreciate that this doesn’t replace the information gained from actually handling an item – therefore viewing is always welcomed, even encouraged.

Any specific items you wish to view can be taken to Atlam, 111 Portobello Rd, London W11 2QB or viewed at my stores / workshop in Alkham, Dover CT15. Please just call or email to arrange this. It may also be possible for me to bring items to your home/bar/garage/pub etc so that they can be fully appreciated in-situ, again please just get in touch and we’ll get something organised.

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