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I’m Louis Walpole; near-on two decades of working for and alongside some of the best antique dealers in the country at London’s renowned Portobello Road have helped to form a detailed understanding of and appreciation for a diverse array of antiques.

I have been trading full time since 2018; online and at fairs / markets. 2024 sees the long awaited opening of a bricks and mortar store on the Northdown Road in Cliftonville, Margate after a lengthy restoration. 

This website will run along side the physical shop with some smaller items only available to purchase in person and some larger items only shown online but that can be taken to the shop by request. 

Although a dealer rather than a collector, my hairs still raise and pulse quickens when I spot a piece I’ve read about but not owned. I generally aim my stock at a decorative market, but fully appreciate the collectors appeal to a lot of the enamel signs and automotive pieces.


As such, if there is a particular sign, oil can or other related piece that you’re after please get in touch and I will be very happy to keep you and your collection in mind whilst I’m out hunting.

I have also worked on some fantastic projects decorating / furnishing pubs, bars and restaurants and would always be interested in taking on similar jobs sourcing for a specific venue. 

Although a photo says a thousand words and I always try to make my product photography as detailed and accurate as possible I appreciate that this doesn’t replace the information gained from actually handling an item – therefore viewing is always welcomed, even encouraged.

Some items listed on here will be on display at the Margate shop, whilst others will be at my store in Alkham, Dover. Before making a dedicated journey please do get in touch to confirm the location of an item. I'll always be happy to bring pieces along to the shop for viewing and, if easier, may be able to facilitate viewing at the Dover store or even at Portobello Market in Notting Hill, London on Saturdays. 

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