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    W.D. & H.O. Wills was a British tobacco importer and manufacturer formed in Bristol, England. It was the first UK company to mass-produce cigarettes.

    "Three Castles" was the company's second brand of cigarettes to be produced and was launched in 1878. Although one of their founding brands, by the early to mid-20th century when enamel signs were being produced as advertising the brand wasn't as popular and subsequently it's one of the less common subjects for Wills's enamel advertising. 


    This is an excellent example of it's type - a good size with fairly minimal amounts of damage/enamel loss and a good bright red for the lettering. There are few small patches of enamel loss around the lettering, but none that impact the legibility of the sign and some additional patches of enamel loss around the outer edges and a small 'dent' to the middle of the lower edge but generally the sign remains in good condition, sits fairly flat and can be easily hung using it's original mounting holes. 


    The sign measures 91cm high (3ft) x 61cm wide (2ft).