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    This is a characterful example of Martini's mid-century marketing. The 'bar and ball' logo was first registered in 1929, and from then the company worked at making themselves a recognised household name. By the 1950s enamel was loosing favour to cheaper, paint-on-metal signage, however being a 'premium' brand Martini continued to use the better quality, longer lasting enamel.


    This French sign was probably produced by Vox Paris in the 1950s though normally the producer's markings/date are printed in the lower left corner which is obviously no longer legible. Condition wise, this sign is a curious one - it's obviously a long way from mint with the edges being heavily corroded and the original corner tabs missing, but the centre section remains in fairly good, bright condition with a decent gloss and minimal losses. In the right environment it would be the perfection combination of patina and crisp, bright advertising. 


    The sign sits reasonably flat and obviously the original mounting holes are missing, but the jagged edges provide plenty of areas where a couple of screws/nails can be placed to fix the sign to a wall. 


    The sign measures 67.5cm wide x 33cm high.