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    H: 77.5cm (30.51in)
    W: 52.5cm (20.67in)
    D: 1.5cm (0.59in)
    Period: 1950s

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    After two World Wars full of propaganda, the British goverment's poster design was at it's strongest. This bold, iconic example from the National Savings Committee is a prime example of this. It features bold colours, strong phraseology and iconic imagery. 
    This particular example is double sided with a promotion for the 'technicolour' Hans Cristian Andersen film on the reverse. This dates the poster to the early 50s. 
    The poster has very clear, issuers/printers markings on the bottom edge and was printed by Fosh & Cross Ltd who produced a selected number of National Savings and London Transport posters. 
    As these posters were printed on thin paper they're almost impossible to display nicely without damaging them unless they're framed. This poster has been professionally framed in a nice, simple matt black frame, glazed and backed. The poster hasn't been stuck to the backing, so, if you wish the other side can be exposed. 
    Including the frame, the poster is 77.5cm high, 52.5cm wide and 1.5cm deep and is complete with hanging wire so is ready to go on the wall.