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    H: 50.5cm (19.88in)
    W: 58.5cm (23.03in)
    D: 0.5cm (0.20in)
    Period: 1920s

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    This Renault sign is distinctly unusual - it's made from copper and features the company's earlier typeface. The letters are individually screwed on to the main diamond shape and over the years it has developed a lovely, deep, rich colour. As both the materials and the quality would have made this a very expensive piece to produce I would guess that it was originally used at the company's head offices.

    The iconic diamond shape is missing it's lower tip and I would assume that this has been cut off at some point, though as this is the only piece of it's type that I've encountered it's difficult to reference - the cut is very neat and even so it may be possible that it was always designed to sit above something/on a surface... 

    The piece measures 50.5cm wide and 58.5cm high, the letters protrude by around 0.5cm.