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    H: 101cm (39.76in)

    W: 71cm (27.95in)

    D: 58cm (22.83in)

    Period: 1980's

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    These three late 20th Century bar stools are upholstered in a raw sienna soft leather with chromed detailing and powdered noir steel bases. They've come from stores of a Central London club where they were first in use in the late '80s. 

    The stools are an absolutely fantastic quality and must've cost a fortune when new - they've an excellent weight to them and they have a sprung swivel mechanism which returns the seat to the centre. The leather is lovely and thick but with a good softness which feels lovely to the touch. They're both a good striking design and quality. 

    As you'd expect from seating that's had a decade or so 'at work' there are signs of wear and tear, this includes marking to the black metal bases, scratches, scuffs and marking to the seats. Although entirely useable there is a slight 'looseness' to the swivel mechanism. The worst areas of 'damage' are pictured - one seat (the left of the trio) has an indentation to the back and a scuff to the front (pictured) and another (the right one of the trio) has a patch of marking to the seat that slightly extends to the back (also pictured). 

    The stools stand 1.01m high x 71cm wide x 58cm deep. The condition, as well as my limited storage space are reflected in the price.