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    Michelin's advertising is easily amongst the most iconic of the mid-20th century. The Bibendum character (aka Michelin Man) is internationally recognised as is the company's blue and yellow colour schemes. This screen-printed, tin Tyre Service sign is a rare survivor (as it's a more vulnerable material than the slightly earlier enamel examples) and this piece is complete with it's attached upper segment. The depiction of a running Bibendum is unusual and the graphics for the tyre are wonderfully detailed. 


    The sign is dated to January 1971 and remains in fairly good condition considering the vulnerability of the material - there are some areas of scratching across the main sign, most noticeable where the dark blue of the background has scratched through to a lighter blue base colour and the screen printing has worn through to the aluminium in a few small patches in the lower right corner. There are also a few flecks/patches of a dark green paint on the upper part of the sign. This aside the sign remains clearly legible and the colours are still bright/bold. 


    The sign is 91cm high x 72cm wide x 2cm deep.