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    This lovely, early 20th century enamel sign for Batey's Ginger Beer combines a traditional cobalt blue background with bold, white lettering resulting in a sign with a real, simple impact. 


    The sign was produced by The Chromographic Enamel Company Limited who were founded in May 1886 in a rented factory in Wolverhampton.. Batey's were formed in the same year and it's likely that this sign was produced around the start of the 20th century meaning that, as enamel signs go, it's a very early piece. 


    The condition, especially considering it's age, is good with a patch of enamel loss around the middle of the upper edge that's darkened down nicely with time and a few other, smaller patches around the edges and just a few small patches to the main area of the sign. There are some light surface scratches, but nothing that detracts from the impact or legibility of the piece. 


    The sign measures 76cm high x 51cm wide and has been mounted to two simple wooden supports for rigidity and ease of hanging, though these can be removed and it can be hung directly with it's original mounting holes.