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    H: 91.5cm (36.02in)
    W: 122cm (48.03in)
    D: 0.15cm (0.06in)
    Period: 1920s

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    This North British Clincher Tyres enamel sign makes for an impressively large piece of automobilia. Clincher tyres were an early producer of automotive tyres and this sign is likely to date to around the 1920s and was produced by the Patent Enamel Co. Birmingham. I'm incredibly fond of the heavily stylised typography for the 'Clincher' element of the sign and the colours, straight from the Union Jack, emphasise the company's Britishness nicely. 

    The sign has suffered some use and abuse throughout it's life - it would appear to have had additional mounting holes made vertically a third of the way into each side of the sign as well as horizontally through the 'tyres' part of the sign - this has resulted in some enamel loss around these holes. As well as this the upper right corner is corroded and slightly missing and there are a few additional patches of enamel loss as well as some surface scratching. Despite the damage the graphics remain clear and punchy and combined with the bright colours and good size mean this sign still has a great impact. 

    The sign is 1.22m wide by 91.5cm high