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    This large Belgian Biére (beer) enamel sign measures just shy of 2m wide, this impressive size combined with it's striking red and white colour way makes for a real statement piece. 


    The sign was produced by a Belgian company and probably dates from the 1950s/'60s, though there seems to be very little information about the brand/brewery online so it's a little hard to date. The sign seems to have spent a lot of time outside as the enamel has lost some of it's glossy surface resulting in some mottling/discolouration to the red layer and to the white background, but generally this just helps to soften the appearance of the piece and adds a charm. There are patches of enamel loss across the whole of the sign, most notably along the upper edge, though nothing that impacts the legibility of the piece. 


    Although the original mounting tabs are now missing, the sign can still be secured to the wall using a mounting hole in the middle of the upper edge, perhaps with additional support along the lower edge. The sign measures 198.5cm wide x 58cm high and with a slight return running around the outer edges is 1.5cm deep.