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    This double-sided, freestanding French Bar / Restaurant sign oozes vintage charm and would make an excellent addition to any vintage themed bar, cafe or kitchen. 

    Standing in at just shy of 1.5m high, and 1.08m wide, this is a fantastic statement piece that's aged nicely; it still makes a big impact, but the rich green background and cream lettering have muted down over the decades to stop it from being too overpowering. 


    The main body of the sign is connected via metal tabs to a tubular framework that sits with good stability on a basic, square metal base - a couple of the tabs have come detached over the years, but this has no impact on the piece. There is some fading and surface scratches as well as areas where rust is starting to bleed through, but this all adds to, rather than detracts from, the character of the piece. 


    Overall dimensions are 108cm wide x 149cm high x 33cm deep