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    H: 52cm (20.47in)

    W: 250cm (98.43in)

    D: 1.5cm (0.59in)

    Period: 1957

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    This Jager Pilsner enamel sign combines bold typography, strong colours, great quality with an impressive size. 

    The sign was produced by T.P. Bruxelles who produced enamel signs for a number of breweries around the middle of the 20th century. Their signs almost always hold a production number and date - in this instance the sign is dated 1957. 

    As would be expected with a large producer like T.P. Brux, the sign is excellent quality - the lines are crisp, the surface very smooth an uniform and the colours good. A good, thick base metal and well applied enamel, in combination with the embossed/bevelled which provides the sign with a good rigidity has resulted in it remaining in excellent condition. There is a small area of enamel loss above the 'G', in the middle of the 'logo' and a tiny bit in the upper left of the 'A' but the rest of the main area remains clear of enamel loss and scratches. The outer edge does have some patches, but corrosion is minimal. 
    There are four hanging tabs with handmade brass insert on the upper and lower edges - the upper left tab is folded over, but this doesn't impact the ability to get the sign hung up neatly. 

    The sign is a real statement piece and an excellent way to fill a wall for a relatively small amount of money. It measures 2.5m across, 52cm high and is 1.5cm deep.