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    H: 83.5cm (32.87in)
    W: 34cm (13.39in)
    D: 1cm (0.39in)
    Period: 1968

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    This Michelin tyre pressure chart represents a well preserved and fairly unusual piece of automobilia. Produced in 1968 by 'Art France' the main section including the 'fun' Bibendum graphic at the top is made from enamel. The screen printed aluminium chart is attached to this with split pins. 
    The aluminium chart has inevitably been far more susceptible to it's exposure to the elements than the enamel part of the sign and although some details are still faintly visible it's generally illegible. I did think that the chart could be taken off the board (only a couple of the split pins remain so it could easily be removed without causing damage) and the reverse of it painted with blackboard paint and re-attached for a quirky workshop 'to-do' list. However as I've only encountered a few examples like this and they've all been missing the chart section entirely I've left it 'as found' for now. 

    Aside from the obvious fading to the chart section the sign remains in generally good condition - there is some enamel loss around the fixing holes, but otherwise the colours remain strong and the surface retains a good gloss. 

    The sign is 83.5cm high, 34cm wide and has a 1cm return.