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    H: 45.5cm (17.91in)
    W: 54cm (21.26in)
    D: 5cm (1.97in)
    Period: 1922

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    This lovely, vibrant enamel flange sign for Pratt's is an increasingly unusual example of early automobilia. A petrol, or as it was more pleasingly termed at the time 'motor spirit', company that was formed in the late 19th century - Pratt's were amongst the founding father's of motoring. 

    This particular sign was produced in February of 1922 by Franco Signs of 25 Oxford Street - a hark back to a time when an industrial manufacturer could have a W1 postcode! The flange format of this sign would have allowed it to come out at a 90 degree angle from the shop/garage front and be viewed from both directions... 

    As the enamel coating on the bend for the flange is particularly thin, it's common for this area to corrode and the flange element to break away, but this example remains in tact and usable. As can be seen from the photographs, one side has worn better than the other and whilst the inner-side retains good colours and a decent gloss, the enamel coating on the other side has deteriorated leaving a crazing in the surface which is particularly noticeable on the black parts of the wording. There are three additional holes that have been made to the non-flange side of the sign and there are patches of enamel loss around these. Despite the areas of wear/damage the sign remains presentable and the iconic colours make this an example of early automobilia that can be acquired without the high-price tag often associated with pieces from this era. 

    The sign is 54cm wide, 45.5cm high and the flange is 5cm deep.