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    The Millbay Dye Works was a Devon based business that expanded rapidly during the latter part of the 19th century, moving into a purpose built factory in 1897, with additional premises being built in 1899 and 1904. 


    This double-sided, shaped enamel sign represents a very busy period for the company when they'd have had agents in the locality to take in/distribute clothing/materials. Judging from the quality/styling of the piece I'd date it to the 1910s/'20s. It was produced by the Patent Enamel Co. Ltd of Birmingham who were one of the earliest manufacturers of enamel signs in England and the piece remains in fairly good condition considering it's age - the black enamel layer on one side has begun to fade and there is a patch of enamel loss that is visible on both sides (near the 'D' of Dye on one side and the 'E' of Dye on the other) that has been loosely touched in. This aside, the sign has lovely bold typography, a rich red background and a very pleasant, unusual shape.


    The sign measures 56cm high x 40.5cm wide.