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    This double-sided enamel sign for an AA (Automobile Association) Hotel is in very good condition, complete with it's original metal framework and hanging hooks (placed in opposing directions so that the sign wouldn't come unhooked in strong winds). These signs are actually made up of two single-sided enamel signs held together in the framework and are often broken up and sold separately to maximise on profits, so finding an example that displays as it was intended is an increasingly rare, but pleasant surprise. 


    As most of these examples were, the sign was produced by the London enamelers 'Franco' and is one example of three variants that can be found; 'Hotel' 'Garage' and 'Motorcycle Specialist'. The sign dates from the 1940s/'50s and features the iconic AA logo and colour way in all it's splendour. This particular piece remains in good condition with virtually no enamel loss and just some minor blemishes to the black enamel layer on one side. As per the last photo the yellow surface retains an excellent gloss. 


    The sign measures 79cm high (excluding hooks) x 58.5cm wide x 4cm deep.