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    This small, but bright enamel sign is for Clarke's Buffalo Puppy Cakes which has to be one of my favourite product names I've encountered in a long time. This particular example features nice simple typography and colourschemes with a beautiful 3D/embossed effect and drop shadow to the red lettering. The sign was produced by Jordan of Bilston and probably dates to the 1930s. According to a label on the reverse of the sign it was originally hung in a Greengrocers on the corner of Buckingham Terrace, London Road - from a quick bit of Googling; it would appear that this would've been in King's Lynn, Norfolk. 


    The sign remains in generally good condition - there's a little nibbling around the lower corners and some small patches of enamel loss, most notably in the middle of the lower edge and to the corner of the 'L' in buffalo. Other than this some of the shadowed lettering has become slightly washed out (fairly typical with this style of enamelling) but nothing that detracts from or affects the legibility of the piece. 


    The sign measures 66cm wide x 45.5cm high and can easily be hung using it's original mounting holes.