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    Stephens' Inks early 20th century advertising is both iconic and desirable. Their thermometers are a prime example of this and this is a fairly prime example of one of their thermometers. Produced in March of 1935, the piece remains in near excellent condition - the original thermometer tube is both present and functioning - the lower bowl, a prime target for corrosion, remains present and in fairly good order and the enamel remains bright and beautifully glossy. There is a small patch of fairly recent enamel loss to the upper left corner (pictured) and some light corrosion around the edges as is to be expected with a piece of this age that was, as it says on the rear, 'for outside exhibit only'!

    The script on this piece is a wonderful example of how things used to be - from the 'summer heat' temperature marker to statements such as 'if at any time the Thermometer cannot be advantageously exhibited please communicate with H C Stephens' - with all of these details beautifully preserved this is a piece that's very rewarding to own.

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    H: 93cm

    W: 7.5cm

    D: Approx. 2cm