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    This mid-sized enamel sign combines the iconic London Underground roundel with one of the most renowned parts of London's West End; Marylebone. With the roundel set against a white background on a rectangular sheet (rather than cut out) this is a later example of the Undeground's signage and probably dates to the late '60s/70s but still has some lovely signs of ageing with light mottling appearing in the reds and the blues and some rust bleeding through around the edges. The back also shows signs of it's age and there's a stamped serial number to help confirm it's authenticity (which could probably be used to date the piece if you knew where to look!).


    There's one small patch of enamel loss to the upper right of the circular part of the roundel and some light surface scratches to the right hand side, but generally the sign has escaped the sort of vandalism that these tube signs are often subjected to and this is definitely an example where the imperfections add to the character of the piece, rather than detracting from it...


    The sign measures 71cm wide x 56cm high and can easily be hung using it's original mounting holes.