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    H: 37cm (14.57in)
    W: 197cm (77.56in)
    D: 2cm (0.79in)
    Period: 1950s

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    Cinzano's relentless mid-century marketing helped make their vibrant 'logo' instantly recognisable.

    Measuring in at 2m wide with bright colours and bold typography, this design of Cinzano sign has to be one of the most eye grabbing pieces of 'boozy' advertising available. I've had a few of this design, size and shape before, but interestingly this was produced by a different company (Art France) who have used a thicker base metal for the sign, countering rigidity issues normally caused by the signs impressive length.

    The fact that this particularly sign doesn't flex in the middle has helped to preserve the enamel keeping the sign in particularly good condition. This particular example has had some additional nails put through it at some point to help secure it to the wall resulting in patches of enamel loss to the middle left side, just below the 'I' and the 'N' and on the right hand side of the 'O', there's also one fairly small patch of loss to the upper right of the 'O'. There's a patch of discolouration near the 'C' where something must've been leant against the sign for a long period of time and the upper right hanging tab is missing - the sign can be securely affixed to the wall using the remaining tabs and the small patches of damage don't deter from the impact or graphic appeal of the sign but just form part of it's 60-70 year story...

    Overall the sign is 197cm wide, 37cm high and has a 2cm return.