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    Castrol were pioneers in motor oil development. At the start of the 20th century the automobile and aeroplane were rising in popularity, Charles Wakefield saw an opportunity to develop specific lubricants for these new engine types - the addition of Castor oil was the revolutionary element - making the oil thin enough to be effective when the engine was cold at start up and thick enough continue to be effective at high temperatures. From here Castrol was born. 


    Known as the 'bow-tie' design, this early Castrol logo dates from the 1920s-30s and it's very unusual to see a French variant from this period and rarer yet to see it in this larger format. This example remains in very good condition with vibrant colours and a good even surface. There's some minor enamel loss scattered around the edges and fixing holes, most notably along the right side, but nothing that impacts the legibility of the piece. 


    The sign measures 1.2m wide x 80cm high