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    Huiles Labo is a French Oil company with a rather interesting story behind it's foundation. Julian Vartet was born in 1911 and is identified as a French novelist/playwright, but he was also a recognised industrialist. During WW2 he founded the Clermont-Ferrand Industrial Laboratories where used oils were recovered to supply Michelin's industrial activities. After the war, he transferred the company to the Paris region and renamed the company Huiles Labo - specialists in automotive and industrial lubricants. 


    This particular example with it's simple design, bold typography and strong colours, is easily the best of it's type that I've encountered - no damage excepting some minor scratches to the lower right corner, vibrant colours and perfect gloss. The sign has a slight (1cm) return, which is commonly found on European enamel signage, which adds to it's rigidity and it's four original mounting tabs remain in place. 


    The sign measures 98cm wide x 48cm high x 1cm deep.