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    At the start of the 20th century, in the early days of motoring, petrol was sold from small garages/workshops in two gallon petrol cans. The garages generally weren't associated with a particular brand and would offer petrol from Pratts, BP, Power Petroleum etc. As customers had real choice, competition was strong and the petrol company's advertising/branding was important to get their product chosen. The Power Petroleum Co was an importer of cheaper, Russian petrol and was established in 1923. Although price would've been a positive factor, Russian petrol probably wouldn't have been the British motorists first choice, to combat this the company clearly didn't hold back on branding. This enamel sign measures 1.82m across and certainly makes a POWERful impact. 


    The sign probably dates to the 1930s/early '40s and has some patches of enamel loss around the outer edges, esp. the lower right corner, the middle of the lower edge and the middle of the left hand edge - there's also some bending to the metal in these areas... The sign also has some deterioration to the surface of the enamel along the middle of the sign, however the condition is all part of the sign's charm/character and certainly doesn't detract from it's legibility or impact. 


    Overall dimensions are 182cm wide x 105cm high and has an embossed/raised edge that's around 1.5cm deep.