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    Measuring in at 3.5m wide with a vibrant orange background and bold, bright typography, this 3-part Rexall Pharmacy (or Drug Store) enamel sign is everything you expect from early 20th century American enamel signage. 


    Rexall is a chain of American drugstores that started in 1903. Between 1920 and 1977 over 12,000 drug stores opened in the States under the Rexall brand. This particular sign probably dates from the late 1930s/'40s and would've hung above a shop front, generally accompanied by further sectioned signage reading 'drugs' or 'prescriptions' (depending on the size of the shop front). The quality of the enamelling is fantastic; a thick even layer with bright colours and the condition is generally excellent with just some minor chipping around the edges. The three parts engage with each other very nicely - each section has a 2.5cm return giving the pieces rigidity and the lettering wraps round the edge of the return meaning that it flows seamlessly when lined up. 


    Overall the sign measures 3.5m wide, 1.17m high and 2.5cm deep.