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    The Firestone Tyres map advertising signs are rare and iconic pieces of automobilia. Normally made from enamel they command very strong prices as well as occupying a large amount of wall space... This piece is even more of a rarity; a slightly later, tin example (so the design is screen printed on to sheet metal rather than enamel) it's a form that I've not encountered before. It's slightly smaller than the enamel examples, lighter and easier to hang and doesn't carry the same financial premium but still has the wonderful levels of detail and familiar automotive branding.


    This particular example probably dates from the late '50s/'60s when the use of enamel was being phased out, the lacquer has yellowed nicely softening the once bright reds and blues and adding a warmth to the piece. 


    Generally the piece is in good condition - there's a small blemish of rust just off the Norfolk coast and theres a small patch at the bottom where the lacquer has peel away to leave a bright area around the word 'road' in the lower caption. Otherwise the piece sits flat and can easily be hung using the original mounting holes. 


    The sign measures 86.5m high x 57cm wide.