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    These Firestone Tyres signs featuring a map of England and Wales, Scotland or Ireland have to be one of the most impressive pieces of mid-century enamel signage available. The level of detail is absolutely incredible; a full representation of the 'Geographia' Main Roads Map captured in crisp, bright, glossy enamel.

    Decent examples are very hard to come by and this example, depicting England is probably the most iconic and desirable. This piece is in a fairly curious condition, there's the standard enamel loss around the mounting holes and along the outer edges that's fairly standard with signage of this period, but it also has a post-apocolypic style void through the midlands... Despite this area of loss, the rest of the sign remains in generally good condition with a good, clean surface, bright colours and a lovely glossy surface (which I've tried to show in the last photo with the light's reflection) there are a couple of other patches of loss; one area just off the coast of Wales and another patch to the middle of the upper edge. Thanks to a small return the sign has held good shape and can be hung using it's original mounting holes.

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    H: 1.22m

    W: 72.5cm

    D: 1.5cm