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    Champion's simple red and black colour scheme makes up part of their iconic brand and mid-century marketing. They sponsored a range of Motorsport and in combination with heavy branding made themselves the most recognisable brand of spark plug in the middle of the 20th century. 


    This advertising thermometer is an excellent example of their marketing - a lovely, crisp/clear graphic of a spark plug sits beneath Champion's iconic logo. The piece is French and would've originally hung in a garage stocking Champion Plugs - 'en vente ici' meaning 'on sale here'. 


    The piece is in lovely, original condition - fully working with it's thermometer tube still in place. There is some light surface rust bleeding through around the edges on the front giving it a good, vintage look but with the writing and temperature markings still remaining legible. The piece can be still be hung using the mounting hole in the middle of the upper edge. 


    The thermometer measures 90cm high, 30cm wide and is 2cm deep.