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    This is the earliest example of a Cadbury's enamel sign I've encountered, obviously created before the now iconic chocolate company refined their logo this example features extra curvaceous lettering with additional swirls and twirls. This example is set against a lovely, rich blue background and has that gorgeously thick enamelling that you'd expect from a turn of the century piece. It's marked along the bottom edge for Cadbury's and the Falkirk Iron Co in the same way that pieces produced through to the mid-20th century were.

    This example does have some chipping along the outer edge and a couple of small patches of enamel loss around the mounting holes but the main area of the sign remains in excellent condition, there are some light surface scratches and the upper edge has dulled slightly - only barely noticeable in the corners. All things considered this is a fantastic example of a very rare piece. It's been mounted to two strips of wood using the original mounting holes for rigidity/ease of hanging - mirror plates can be attached to these wooden strips or they can be removed and the sign can be hung directly.

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    W: 76cm

    H: 38cm

    D: 2.25