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    This is a lovely and particularly large example of Martini's mid-century marketing. The 'bar and ball' logo was first registered in 1929, and from then the company worked at making themselves a recognised household name. By the 1950s enamel was loosing favour to cheaper, paint-on-metal signage, however being a 'premium' brand Martini continued to use the better quality, longer lasting enamel.


    Measuring in at just over 1.2m wide - this is a real statement piece and remains in fantastic condition with a wonderful gloss, a vibrant red and minimal loss to the enamel. All of the original mounting tabs are present and thanks to a slight return adding rigidity the piece displays very well. The sign was produced by Langcat in the German region of Bassum and probably dates to the 1940s/early '50s.


    The sign measures 1.23m wide x 57cm high x 1.5cm deep.