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    Cinzano's relentless mid-century marketing helped make their vibrant 'logo' instantly recognisable.


    This little enamel sign is a very unusual example that matches the brand's iconic blue and red with a vibrant yellow background and embossed lettering (a real rarity on any enamel signage). Although the main area of the sign remains in excellent condition with bright colours, minimal losses and a good thick gloss, the sides and upper edge have been flattened out causing enamel loss and corrosion around the sign, curiously the lower edge retains it's return. Despite this, the sign can still be hung using it's original mounting holes and displays well with a large dose of 'character'. 


    The sign measures 77.5cm wide x 31cm high, although the top and sides have been flatted out, the lower return is still in place and is just over 1cm deep.