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    H: 101.5cm (39.96in)
    W: 76.5cm (30.12in)
    D: 2cm (0.79in)
    Period: 1930s/'40s

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    Brooke Bond & Company was founded by Arthur Brooke in the mid 19th century. The name was chosen because it was Brooke's 'bond' to customers to provide a quality tea. The firm expanded into wholesale tea sales in the 1870s. Brooke Bond's most famous brand is PG Tips, launched in 1930. By 1957, Brooke Bond was probably the largest tea company in the world, with one third share of both the British and Indian tea markets. 

    This particular sign probably dates to the 1930s-'40s and at that point all evidence would suggest that it was indeed 'good tea'. This mid-sized sign employs simple, bold typography and like the other formats of Brooke Bond's early advertising this is set against a vibrant orange background with a black and white checker border.

    The sign remains in reasonably good condition at some point additional fixing points were drilled inward from the edges which has resulted in eight patchers of enamel loss, there's also a small square cut from the upper right corner and the standard light surface scratching. For ease of hanging the sign has been mounted to a simple wooden frame with mirror plates attached - it can either be hung from these or the frame work removed for it to be hung from the original mounting holes. 

    The sign measures 1.015m high x 76.5cm wide, with the wooden frame it's 2cm deep.