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    The uses for this large, simple 'S' enamel sign are numerous and it would definitely look very at home as a piece of 'man cave' decoration. 
    Originally used on the French rail networks, the sign was produced in November 1960 and has weathered nicely. 
    Unlike most commercial/advertising enamel signs that have a thick, bright layer of enamel across the entire surface of the thin sheet of base metal, this one has been produced in an altogether more industrial way with a thin white layer of enamel forming the 'S' on a very heavy gauge, blackened sheet of metal. 
    In my opinion the sign has aged perfectly; a few small patches of enamel loss on the 'S' have left nice, grungy rust trails and the edges of the white lettering have started to bleed into the black of the metal work. This ageing has nicely softened the high contrast graphics and adds to the vintage, industrial feel. 
    The sign can be hung very easily from it's original mounting holes and the thick base metal ensures it sits nice and flat against the wall. 
    The sign measures 85cm high x 45cm wide and the base metal is 2mm thick!