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    H: 47cm (18.50in)
    W: 58cm (22.83in)
    D: 2cm (0.79in)
    Period: 1910s-'20s

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    When first hung, this double-sided Raleigh Bicycles sign would have looked absolutely resplendent; a rich green background with a lovely, detailed logo reverse painted on the glass and exposed lettering baked by crisp, ridged mirror... Decades of exposure to the elements have resulted in a look of 'faded grandeur'. The paint has dried and shrunk, the fractures created in the solid green expose more of the ridged mirroring behind. This weathering is irreplaceable and in my opinion adds a real charm to the piece. 

    Condition is really a matter of opinion; there's no breakages to the glass, the metal framework remains intact though the hanging hooks are a bit bent out of shape. The rest is really just a matter of opinion... One side is 'better' than the other, though the writing remains fairly legible on both sides. 

    The sign measures 58cm wide, 47cm high and is around 2cm thick.