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    H: 76.5cm (30.12in)
    W: 122cm (48.03in)
    D: 0.2cm (0.08in)
    Period: 1920s

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    A lovely piece of early, English automobilia - this 'Cleveland Guaranteed' enamel sign can be dated to the 1920s and the developing use of the automobile. Cleveland Petroleum Products Co was formed in 1920 and was registered for the storage and distribution of petroleum fuels. In 1938 the Anglo-American Oil Co. acquired a major interest in Cleveland Products and by 1951 they were incorporated into Esso Petroleum Co. 

    This particular sign dates between the company's formation in 1920 and 1934 when Distillers Co granted permission to use their trademark 'Discol' on Cleveland's advertising. After this Cleveland's enamel advertising adopted a new logo, a blue background and the 'Discol' trademark. This sign is beautifully simple in it's design - bright white, stylised lettering contrasts against a glossy black background and you can imagine it would have sat well behind the glossy coachwork and sweeping lines of the early cars that would've been filling up with Cleveland's products. 

    Despite it's age this piece remains in fairly good condition; the whites are still bright and the black holds a good gloss. There's some enamel loss along the lower edge, minor patches around the mounting holes and a small area of damage between the 'A' and the 'N' of Cleveland. The sign sits good and straight and can be hung using it's original mounting holes. 

    The sign is 1.22m wide x 76.5cm high.