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    H: 19cm (7.48in)
    W: 22cm (8.66in)
    D: 18.5cm (7.28in)
    Period: 1954

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    Educational model of a human eye. This piece is Czech, dated 1954 and manufactured by Logia. The model has a good form - including the surrounding bone structure of the eye socket. The upper half of the eye ball is removable with details of the veins painted inside. These models would have originally had removable glass irises, but this element is no longer present. There is a small area of damage to the rear of the model which has old, slightly poor repair (see photos) and there is a small hairline crack to the front, upper middle of the eyeball, visible just above the number 27 marking. In my view neither bit of damage detracts from what is a superb and quirky display piece.

    The base measures 18.5cm x 22cm and it sits approximately 19cm high.