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    PERIOD: 1940s/'50s

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    This vintage, 'Hook-A-Duck' painted fairground canvas has aged beautifully and the colours have a lovely, gentle warmth to them. Measuring in at just shy of 1m square it's a brilliant statement piece. 

    It's a difficult piece to age, but it's painted on good, old heavy canvas and I would speculate at it being from the 1940s/'50s. The stitching around the outer edge doesn't run along the right hand side so originally this must've been the left end of a bigger banner. Condition wise it is as you see it - there are creases, patches of thin paint and worn canvas, but this all adds to the charming character of the piece. There are two small holes in the upper corners that allow for easy, secure hanging and the piece displays well. 

    The canvas is 98.5cm wide and 92cm high.