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    A fantastic example of early, English automobilia - this Pratt's Perfection Motor Spirit horizontal banner style enamel sign is a real rarity.  A petrol, or as it was more pleasingly termed at the time 'motor spirit', company that was formed in the late 19th century - Pratt's were amongst the founding father's of motoring. 


    This particular sign was produced by Bruton of Palmer's Green and is likely to date to the 1920s. Features Pratt's iconic early black, red and yellow colour scheme this example remains in decent condition for it's age, there is some 'blooming'/discolouration towards the upper right of the sign that's mainly noticeable in the black enamel later around the 'TT'S', there's also a patch of enamel loss around the 'F' of perfection and some nibbling around the edges. In my opinion, the sign is in a condition that adds character to the piece rather than detracting from it. 


    The sign measures 132.5cm wide x 45.5cm high and has been mounted to a basic wooden frame with mirror plates attached for ease of hanging, though it can be unscrewed from this and attached directly to a wall using it's original mounting holes.