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    H: 57cm (22.44in)
    W: 18.6cm (7.32in)
    D: 2cm (0.79in)
    Period: 1920s/'30s

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    It's generally fairly unusual to come across examples of these enamel advertising thermometers. This one for Nut Brown Tobacco remains in absolutely fantastic condition, it retains it's original and working thermometer tube, and the enamel remains bright with a near perfect surface gloss (as I've tried to show in the second photo where the light reflects slightly across the surface). 

    I've not been able to find out a huge amount of information about Nut Brown Tobacco or how it's logo, advertising slogans etc progressed through the years which makes this piece fairly difficult to date, but this logo type was definitely in use by the company on paper advertising from the 1920s and judging by the quality of the enamel etc it's quite possible this piece comes from a similar date. 

    The thermometer is 57cm high x 18.6cm wide x 2cm deep.