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    Thanks to a very aggressive mid-century marketing campaign by Martini, their 'bar and ball' logo has become iconic. This enamel sign is a reasonable size and features a relatively early version of the logo with a rich red 'ball' element and large, simple typography. This same style of sign was produced throughout northern Europe, this French variant was produced by Vox Publicité of Paris and has the additional "l'Apéritif - en vente ici' (on sale here) text. The sign probably dates to the 1940s/'50s... 


    The sign remains in reasonably decent condition, both the upper hanging tabs remain in tact and in place, though the lower right one has corroded (still hangs fine with the remaining three). There is a patch of enamel loss along the middle of the lower edge that curves round to the front of the sign slightly and some to the middle of the upper edge that isn't visible front on. There's also a chip toward the middle of the upper red semi-circle and another above the R of Martini. There is some fading/mottling to the red enamel layer and some surface scratching around the middle of the sign. Generally none of the aforementioned affects the impact of the piece, but serves to add character to a lovely piece of original enamel advertising. 


    The sign measures 68.5cm wide x 47.5cm high x 1cm deep.