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    H: 49.5cm (19.49in)
    W: 73cm (28.74in)
    D: 0.2cm (0.08in)
    Period: 1940s/'50s

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    Thanks to a very aggressive mid-century marketing campaign by Martini, their 'bar and ball' logo has become iconic. This enamel sign is a reasonable size and features a relatively early version of the logo with a rich red 'ball' element and large, simple typography. The piece was produced in Belgium and probably dates to the 1940s/'50s... The past 70 odd years haven't been overly kind on this piece, but they have left it with the kind of character that simply cannot be replicated - a large creases fortunately intersects the 'I' and 'N' leaving the writing clear and legible... The once stark white background has mottled and mellowed and streaks of rust run from the upper edge into the main body of the sign. 

    If you're after 'mint' or anything close to it, this simply isn't the piece for you - but otherwise this represents a sought after piece of advertising with bundles of character. It measures 73cm wide x 49.5cm high and although all but the upper left mounting tab have been damaged/lost it can still be hung with a reasonable degree of care (a screw through the remaining tab and either one carefully placed through the damaged upper right tab or supporting the lower right edge).