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    H: 94.5cm (37.20in)
    W: 145cm (57.09in)
    D: 3.5cm (1.38in)
    Period: 1963

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    Measuring in at just shy of 1.5 metres wide, this is a large and strikingly bold enamel sign for French petrol company Antar. 

    The sign was produced in 1963 by VOX Publicité (see pictures) and with it's 600m marker would've been used on the highway/motorway. 
    Antar was founded in 1927 and ran until 1976 when it was merged with larger oil companies. Antar's demise just 13 years after the production of this sign may well account for it's fantastic condition - the enamel remains good and bright, there are no significant areas of damage to the main area of the sign, just slight chipping to the edges and minor corrosion to the corners. There is a small area of damage to the enamel in the lower left of the sign and some of the black enamelling on the lettering has chipped through to the white layer below (see photos) but overall the condition is notably good. 

    The sign measures 1.45 metres wide, 94.5cm high and has a 3.5cm return that allows it to be hung without the fixings showing on the front.