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    H: 76.5cm (30.12in)
    W: 122cm (48.03in)
    D: 2cm (0.79in)
    Period: 1920s

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    Imagine a time where a petrol company could invest the time and effort in producing a piece of enamel advertising with the price of petrol permanently a part of the sign! I've seen examples of this piece that must've been produced a couple of years later where the price has gone up to 1'5 - I'm sure that motorists would've moaned about that at the time too! 

    Dominion is a company that was in their prime during the 1920s and were bought out by ShellMex / BP in 1934 so we can fairly accurately date this sign to the early 1920s. It was produced by Franco Signs who at the time were still operating out of their London, W1 address (another throwback to a time where a large, manufacturer could have a central London address. The sign features Dominion's iconic, rich blue background and wonderfully bold, stylised logo. It shows signs of a life lived with enamel loss primary located along the outer edges and some fading to the black shadowing of the letters. Despite the damage the wording still remains clear and the piece has real impact along with some lovely character. 

    The sign has been mounted to a simple wooden frame with mirror plates attached at the top for ease of hanging, but it can be unscrewed from this and attached to the wall directly using the original mounting holes. It measures 122cm (4ft) wide x 76.5cm high.