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    H: 92cm (36.22in)
    W: 62cm (24.41in)
    D: 1.5cm (0.59in)
    Period: 1940s

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    From sending staff on expeditions to the Himalayas, to adverts employing beautiful women, bears and dogs; Kléber-Colombes have always had a strong focus on the promotion of their tyres. This incredibly striking, brightly coloured poster is no exception.

    "At all times... On all roads..." reads the upper caption, the poster features a beautifully stylised, retro "industrial vehicle" and "passenger vehicle" set against the companies iconic orange background with blue detailing. 
    The poster is likely to date shortly after 1945 as this is when Goodrich-Colombes was rebranded Kléber-Colombes after the factory was moved to Avenue Kleber in Paris. Their promotional material from 1952 onwards uses a variant of their logo that's set between two slightly merged diamond shapes and as this poster doesn't employ that variant it's likely to date between 1945-52. 

    It's simple, red painted frame compliments the colours well and the poster is backed and glazed, ready to hang. 

    There are slight crease marks near the upper caption (see photo), but these aren't easily noticed.

    Including the frame, the piece measures 62cm wide, 92cm tall and is around 1.5cm deep.