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    Measuring in at over a metre wide, this unusual Pratt's enamel sign is a lovely example of early, English automobilia. A petrol, or as it was more pleasingly termed at the time 'motor spirit', company that was formed in the late 19th century - Pratt's were amongst the founding father's of motoring. 


    With Pratt's being one of the biggest petrol companies in England at the start of the 20th century there are a large number of variants of their logo, this example with a  dark blue background and 'star' design is one of the less common. It was produced by Franco Signs of London, W1 and is a throwback to the days when an industrial manufacturer could have a W1 address! 


    This example probably dates from the 1910s-'20s as the Anglo-American Oil Co. who owned Pratt's changed their name to Esso in 1935 and is in decent condition; often the blue background fades/goes milky, but here is remains a good, even colour. There's a slight crease running between the middle of the upper edge to the middle of the right hand side that isn't overly noticeable (and very difficult to capture with a camera) and a small line of enamel loss running from the middle of the left edge and just starting to encroach on the 'P' of Pratt's. Other than this there's the standard chipping around the edges. 


    The sign measures 106.5cm wide x 76cm high and can be hung using it's original mounting holes.