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    H: 49cm (19.29in)
    W: 68cm (26.77in)
    D: 1.5cm (0.59in)
    Period: 1950s

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    In the early 20th Century around two thirds of all cigarettes sold in England were Players. Player's Navy Cut had a broad and unisex appeal with strong marketing, the style of which was Wills' cigarettes attempted to emulate.

    This framed cardboard panel is likely to date to the 1940s/'50s and would've come from one of the distribution boxes that packets of Player's Navy Cut cigarettes would've been sent out to the shops in - even the wholesale packaging bore the ionic branding and directive slogans.

    This cardboard panel has the scuffs, scratches and rusty staple marks you'd expect from a piece of packaging like this; the fact that it survived at all is close to a miracle but they add to it's character and contrast pleasingly against the simple, crisp black frame that it's been put in. 

    Overall the piece is 68cm wide x 49cm high