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    H: 68.5cm (26.97in)
    W: 91.5cm (36.02in)
    D: 0.2cm (0.08in)
    Period: 1911

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    This incredibly sought after, beautifully preserved pictorial Sunlight Soap enamel sign has be about as good as they get. Dated to 1911, there isn't an aspect of this I don't love - the typography is wonderful (particularly the swirly serifs on 'Sunlight'), the writing and pictorials are beautifully detailed and the subject matter is just brilliant.

    Given it's age, the condition of this piece is very good - there's light corrosion around the edges which has caused the rounding off of the corners and the loss of the mounting holes along the upper edge. Very pleasingly there are only four notable patches of enamel loss to the main section of the sign - one on the upper part of the '£' sign, two along the left edge and a small patch to the 'O' of 'of'. There is some surface scratching, but the pictorials and typography remain clear, the colours bright and even. It's also worth pointing out that at some point the back of the sign has been painted with a zinc paint, presumably as a means of rust protection - this doesn't affect the sign at all but does mean that the back is a disconcertingly bright silver (not noticeable when hung). 

    This piece measures 91.5cm wide, 68.5cm high and is around 2mm thick.