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    This single bare metal locker has, in my opinion, a near perfect surface - dark and industrial with light rust bleeding through but without looking worn, tired or shabby. At some point in it's life someone has taken a lot of time to gently wax the exterior to preservice it's patina and they've painted the interior a very in-keeping dark red, meaning you can enjoy the industrial aesthetics without worrying about dirty marks being left on your jackets. 

    The locker's door latches into place and has the option of fitting a padlock, there's a single label holder to the door above three vents and inside is a single shelf at the top and three broad ended hooks all positioned high enough to allow shoes/bags to be placed at the bottom. It's also benefits from a slanted top to stop it becoming a dust trap. The tall, skinny form of the locker means that even slightly uneven flooring becomes very noticeable, but a couple of small wooden wedges will be supplied that can be placed under a foot (in the photos, one has been used under the front right leg) to straighten the locker.


    This lovely looking, practical piece of industrial furniture is an excellent way to keep hallways/bedrooms clear and tidy. 


    The locker measures 1.86m high x 32cm wide x 30cm deep.