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    H: 45.5cm (17.91in)
    W: 132cm (51.97in)
    D: 0.15cm (0.06in)
    Period: 1910s-'20s

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    Measuring in at 1.3m wide, this vibrant Pratt's enamel sign is a lovely, big example of early automobilia. A petrol, or as it was more pleasingly termed at the time 'motor spirit', company that was formed in the late 19th century - Pratt's were amongst the founding father's of motoring. 

    This particular sign was produced by Protector of Eccles who originally produced mining lamps, but around 1910 branched out into enamel sign production... This example probably dates from the 1910s-'20s as the Anglo-American Oil Co. who owned Pratt's changed their name to Esso in 1935. 

    The condition of this sign is generally very good, the colours remain very vibrant and the surface retains a good gloss... There are some patches of enamel loss around the edges and some light 'bubbling' to the surface near the lower edge - probably from a fault that occurred during production. 

    The sign measures 132cm wide x 45.5cm high and has been mounted onto a simple wooden frame for ease of hanging which gives it a 2cm depth. It can be hung from the wooden framework using mirror plates or removed from this and attached directly to the wall with the original mounting holes.