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    The introduction of enamel signage at the turn of the 20th century gave advertisers the opportunity to introduce some vibrancy to their advertising; we see this in the form of bright and bold colours and a wonderful array of typography. In this rather fantastic Lyons' Ice Cream advert, designed to hang in front of a newsagents/corner shop in the 1930s, J. Lyons' have taken things one step further and created this mock headline board for the 'Cooling News' - the headline of the day being 'We sell Lyons' Ice Cream'. It's a wonderful concept, nicely executed with a splash of bold colours and a very appropriate mixture of typefaces.


    In this example the lovely jovial concept is near perfectly preserved - there's a little enamel loss around the outer edges, particularly the lower edge and both upper corners are slightly nibbled but the main area remains in excellent condition with just minor surface scratches and the piece can be hung using it's original mounting holes. 


    The sign measures 88cm high x 57.5cm wide.